Corporate Governance

Our chosen governance framework reflects directly in all our interactions and has a paramount effect on our long term development and sustainability. This aspect is particularly pertinent to family owned, private companies such as AAGH, which is an embodiment of the success of different generations and a multitude of family members.

To ensure the next wave of sustainable growth, we have laid a strong foundation of an institutionalized corporation. With the engagement of leading specialists, we have successfully adapted and adopted a governance framework that is at par with international best practices.

Our Corporate governance model draws the line between ownership and management and separates policy direction from the day-to-day running of the Group. On the subsidiaries level, we have instituted special boards for all our major subsidiaries, and introduced independent external members for better governance. On the holding-level, our group board also includes independent directors. This additional yet important layer, works as a safe guard and ensures compliance across strategy, operations and finance.

Each of our boards has created special committees to whom they delegate implementation initiatives, ensure a sound level of risk management and consistently strive for best practices.

All these proactive efforts and foresight has created a solid organizational structure that embeds accountability, promotes transparency, and ensures that all our people work in a cohesive and efficient manner towards a shared goal.

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