Investment and Business Development - IBDD

AAGH understands success comes from not standing still, but through intelligent diversification and leveraging existing assets. We believe our next generation of growth will come from new opportunities and diversification.

In six decades of existence, IBDD has historically invested in various sectors and asset classes in privately held companies, public equity investments, funds and real estate. To manage this in a structured and focused manner, the Investment & Business Development Division (IBDD) was created. IBDD's mandate, operations, and business model is aimed at creating long-term strategic and financial value for AAGH. IBDD primarily focuses on the following asset classes: new business development, private equity, venture capital, green field projects, financial investments (funds & public equity) and real estate investments and development.

AAGH owns a very significant portfolio of land and real estate developments across the Kingdom. Such properties are under constant development for the purpose of sale or leasing hence giving rise to long term sustainable revenue streams. Our prime focus is in developing specialist real estate developments such as warehouses and workshops amongst others.

As strategic arm of the Alissa Group, IBDD's agenda is three fold:

  • New business development and investments.
  • Management of portfolio investments of various asset classes
  • Business development and strategic monitoring of group subsidiaries (AACO, GACO, AUM, AL Yusr, BEST)
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Head Office: Olaya Street - Against Saudi Airlines Office - The building behind MacDonald (Al Tebian Tower) - 2nd Floor.
Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 01-8030796 ,  01-8127918 ,  01-8102641
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