Group Profile

imageLate Sheikh Abdullatif Al Issa
Headquartered in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Abdullatif Alissa Group Holding Company (AAGH) is an embodiment whose success and leadership have been built on values, forward thinking and diversity.

Established in the 1940’s, with a primary focus in textiles and food stuff trading, over the past six decades, Alissa Group has evolved into a diversified conglomerate. At a time in the late 1940s, when the Kingdom was just carving a place for itself in the world map, the Company’s Founder, Late Sheikh Abdulatif Al Issa saw the immense potential by diversifying into transportation - a vital link to any economy. Starting off by importing and selling automobiles to Aramco in the 1950’s, Alissa Group is today considered a pioneer of automotive sales, service, financing & leasing within the Kingdom.

Abudllatif Alissa Group Holding today operate:

The company has diversified interests through its Investment and Business Development Division (IBDD) from the Middle East to the Far East in sectors such as real estate, building materials, private equity, venture capital, consumer finance, investment & private banking, manufacturing and services in addition to successful investments in varied asset classes - all created to complement its ecosystem and enhance stakeholder value.

With a complete separation of ownership and control, built on best practices, run by seasoned management and unwavering commitment towards quality and service excellence, Alissa Group today enjoys a respected position in the Kingdom and considered to be a benchmark of a successful family-owned conglomerate.

With group revenue exceeding SAR 4 billion, empowered by more than 3,000 people and world-class partners, who share a collective vision and drive, the Abdullatif Alissa Group Holding Company has just begun its journey...

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