The Investment and Business Development Division adds strategic value to AAGH by establishing a strong presence in the investment & business community, thereby allowing AAGH to participate in unique business opportunities through its proprietary deal sourcing approach. IBDD follows a methodical approach to making new investments, investment management and exit strategies.
Role Responsibilities
Market trends We continuously monitor economic sectors, industries, trends, regulations & markets to evaluate attractiveness and supply/demand gaps on a Group level for that of our affiliated businesses & subsidiaries.
Strategy Building We help define AAGH’s investment and corporate development strategy, keeping long term objectives in mind.
Research & Analysis We create business plans, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, valuations and risk assessments, and perform specialized studies.
Investment Management Process We identify, evaluate, recommend , plan and lead the execution of potential new business opportunities through mergers, acquisition, partnerships greenfield opportunities and joint ventures. We then implement AAGH’s investment strategy across investment asset classes - through the full lifecycle - from entry to successful exit.
Portfolio Mentoring  & Monitoring We monitor the performance of the entire Group and its portfolio companies from a strategic and financial perspective on a regular basis. Being an integral, yet autonomous body of AAGH, we tend to take an objective view without losing sight of short-term priorities & long-term goals.
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