Investment Strategy

Through the combined power and resources of AAGH, we provide the experience, expertise, and contacts to help our investments reach the next stage and beyond. We look for great ideas from various sectors. We like to keep an open mind and consider unique opportunities.

We strategically invest into new businesses that complement our existing ecosystem. We do this through organic development or by inorganic means i.e. by way of mergers, acquisitions or partnerships. 

What we look for:
We understand every company is unique, so are its opportunities and challenges. Regardless of the vertical, or moment in time, every successful company has common traits, such as strong fundamentals, a solid business model, seasoned management and long term vision.

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The investee company must possess a sustainable competitive advantage such as talent, processes, credible brand, unique business model, scale that will drive in more than linear-scaling profits and margins.
  • Intellectual Property: Spanning know-how, expertise, proprietary process, patents, hard to replicate intellectual property.
  • Proactive Role: We prefer to be active investors, who are closely involved, and mentor, support and add value on a strategic level, and not just serve as a credit line.
  • Synergy: The investment leverages and complements our Group’s activities if possible, giving it an edge towards strategic diversification.
  • Long term perspective: The activity of the new investment should have potentials for long term sustainment, development and growth.  
  • Majority Stake: AAGH must have a controlling stake in new investments and preferably not less than 51%. Stakes below 51% could be considered in some cases.
  • Predictability: The investee must demonstrate a strong potential to generate predictable profits and cash flows, with industry standard margins.
  • Geographic Focus: Considering our regional strengths and presence, we prefer companies headquartered in high growth sectors, within the GCC region.
  • Sector Focus: The investee’s core competency and focus area of business must preferably fall within these sectors: Automotive, Industrial, Financial Services, Logistics, Building Materials & Fixtures, Real Estate Development, Retail, Information Technology, Environmental projects  and recycling. We remain open minded to opportunities from other sectors given that other conditions are met.   
  • IRR: We anticipate an internal rate of return for investments (IRR) to be in the range of 15% with a medium level risk factor.

If you believe your business proposal is aligned with our objectives and investment strategy, then we would like to hear from you. Please use our contact form to send us an executive summary, business plan or corporate presentation, before we can take it forward.

Please Note: Please send us a 1-2 page project teaser. We receive many plans each month which makes it difficult for us to consider legal aspects at the initial stages without a careful review. If the proposed transaction meets our investment criteria, we will make every reasonable effort to arrive at a mutually agreeable confidentiality agreement.  Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of our investment prospects. We will take utmost care to keep your materials confidential and strive to get back at the earliest opportunity with a specific response.

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